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The Catalan Federation of NGOs for Development – Catalonia, Spain

The Catalan Federation of NGOs for Development is a second-tier entity comprising 85 organisations working in the area of Solidarity and International Cooperation. Through networking, it has the purpose of facilitating and strengthening the task of Catalan NGOs for development with transparency, ethics and quality, favouring social justice and world equity by means of a transforming cooperation.

The FCONGD is a member of the Catalan Confederation of NGOs for Peace, Human Rights and Development, a third-tier entity born with the purpose of making jointly actions grow and speaking with one voice. The federation is also member of CONGDE, the Spanish ONGDs coordinator body and, through this, of the European coordination entities grouped around CONCORD.

The FCONGD was born in the context of the ’80s, when the hegemony of the neo-liberal system triggered new global issues and unprecedented humanitarian crises that directly led to the increase of solidarity actions and a greater mobilisation of civil society. The cooperation and development sector in Catalonia did not escape these changes, and at this juncture, in 1989, the Catalan Federation of NGO’s for Development started. Since that time, the Federation has worked endlessly to build a strong and transparent sector, speaking with its own voice to administrative organizations and the general public, taking up the challenges of each historical moment.

The regional partners of the project are:

–Col·legi de Periodistes de Catalunya (Association of Journalists of Catalonia)

–Observatori de la Cobertura de Conflictes de la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona Conflict Reporting Observatory)

-Institut Universitari de Desenvolupament Social i Pau de la Universitat Jaume I de Castelló (Universitat Jaume I de Castelló Peace and Social Development University Institute)




RESACOOP – Support Network for Cooperation in Rhône-Alps – Lyon, France

Since 1994, RESACOOP informs, accompanies and gives advice to the diversity of international solidarity actors (associations, groups, schools,…) of the Rhône-Alps region.

This Public Interest Group consists of 14 members*, public institutions and associations, including the Regional Council and the Prefecture of Rhône-Alps (representing the State). These members pool the necessary means for the implementation of the RESACOOP program. The objectives are to contribute to the development and improve the quality of international cooperation actions, and to mobilise and involve all of the regional actors within the framework of awareness actions and openness to the community as a whole.

Actors are given the following services and tools: training, Internet, databases**, personal interviews, briefings,… And RESACOOP listens to their worries regarding areas such as health, education for development, young audiences and others. This dynamic field for reflection strengthens the bond between international solidarity and the media as an essential element in terms of the citizens’ understanding of international solidarity.

A source of information, meetings and training, RESACOOP is also a platform for thought, analysis and innovation.

The regional partners of the project are:

-Association Reporters Without Borders.

–Université Lyon 2 Communication Institute (ICOM)

* The city of Chambéry, the city of Grenoble, the urban community of Lyon (Grand Lyon), the city of Romans, the International Centre of Studies for Local Development (CIEDEL), the University Pierre Mendès France (UPMF – Grenoble), the hospitals of Lyon (Hospices civils de Lyon), the association Ardèche Drôme Ouro Sogui Sénégal (ADOS), Bioforce Développement, Handicap International, Humacoop and Agronomists and Veterinarians Without Borders.
** The database that registers international solidarity actions in Rhône-Alps can be accessed through the web page www.resacoop.org



COP, Piemonte Consortium of NGOs – Torino, Italy

The Piemonte Consortium of NGOs (COP) is an association representing the major organisations working in the Piemonte region, Italy, that are engaged in international cooperation and education in world citizenship.

Born in 1997, the consortium currently consists of 33 organisations active in more than 90 countries thanks to the work of 100 collaborators and 1.000 volunteers in Piemonte, including 70 that carry out projects in foreign countries.

At national level, it is considered one of the leading experiences in regional coordination. The Piemonte consortium of NGOs arises from the initiative of eight historic NGOs from Torino that deal politically and collectively with local authorities. Since 2004, it has a coordination and technical assistance team and several working groups that act on the basis of the territory (Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, Mediterranean…) and the subjects (training, education in world citizenship, decentralized cooperation in health, immigration).

The regional partners of the project are:

-Associazione Stampa Subalpina, Syndicate of Journalists of Piemonte

-Università di Torino Politics, Culture and Society Department

-CoCoPa, Coordinamento dei Comuni per la Pace (Coordination of Municipalities for Peace)

-Regione Piemonte settore Affari Internazionali (Piemonte region International Affairs section)