DevReporter Network is an interregional network (Catalonia, Rhône-Alps and Piemonte) of journalists, university graduates and communication professionals of the area of International Solidarity (IS). The project wants to establish the basis for this network, favouring a continuous exchange among the participants, in order to work for the dismantlement of stereotypes and the decoding of information. This will contribute to improving the quality of information in the media and the communication of IS actors, and will also allow European citizens to have a better knowledge of development-related issues and be able to take much more action in favour of more equitable relations between countries.

How has the media image of international solidarity actions evolved in recent years? What role information and communication play in the education of citizens with respect to development issues? Which vision of international solidarity is conveyed by the media and the communication of development actors (NGOs, associations, territorial groups, etc.)? Is it a vision close to the reality on the ground?

The improvement of the quality of information and communication requires a better understanding between the world of media and the world of international solidarity. Indeed, current collaborations between communication professionals and the media have to jointly develop dynamics of exchanges and reflections about European citizens awareness with respect to development-related issues, an approach that must be followed on a long-term basis.